Thursday, 15 April 2010

sunny spring

                                                               {Hamstead Heath pond}

                                     { trees in full bloom around Kew}

                     Here are some photos of my past week walking around London. The sun has been shining,  and its made everyone has a little spring in their step. 
I am soon to be starting a new job, so with this week off i'm making the most of it and enjoying the sunshine with family and friends. 
Lots of exciting things have been happening recently. 
Glen went away to Norway with work, in fact he's still there. And i really can't wait for him to come back! He's there for 4 weeks, so hopefully in that time he would have taken some amazing photos, which i'll be sure to share here. 
I hope it's sunny where you are too! 
let's all enjoy it while it lasts!