Friday, 30 July 2010

Isle of Skye

here are some more pictures from my trip to skye

Enjoy. I hope you all have a great weekend soaking up the sun. We've got lots of bbq's to attend,  and I'm super excited about seeing close friends and relaxing.
Also, want to say a huge well done to our talented friends Wednesday and Jack who had their signal launch this week.I felt like a proud mother watching them perform! Check out their band cowbell  here

Saturday, 24 July 2010


I'm not sure where or how to start this post as so much has happened in the past couple of weeks. I don't really go in to detail about my job on my blog as it's never been important to me to share what i do (and i would hate to bore my readers!) But I will for this post, as i need to get a few thing off my chest.

So here goes...(please feel free to scroll down and ignore me)

I work (ed) for the BBC and have done on and off for the past 4 years. I work in t.v production and for the most part i love it. It gives me a chance to be creative, meet amazing people and sometimes work on location. Last year the industry took a really bad hit and a lot of people lost their jobs. I'm freelance so have never been full time and get to chose my contracts which can have its ups and downs. But with nothing being commissioned last year i spent a lot of time unemployed.
That was until i got this fantastic job working on a children's programme that mixes wildlife with art.
I have been so lucky to get to go away with the programme and have been working with people i now consider as my closest friends. (It's hard not to feel like a family when you spend so much time away from home with each other.)

This week we hit the half way mark, when we get called in to a meeting to say that the show has been put on halt. This means that we have all lost our jobs! we were all due to finish in October, so this came as a real shock to us all.(I'm only really going in to detail about the show as it will probably never be transmitted on t.v.) Apart from being in complete shock, I'm also devastated that i will no longer be working with such a great team and that we will never be able to finish what we started. I loved working on the show and i really thought it would be successful once it was completed. We had so many more brilliant animals, locations and artists to see, and I'm truly sad that we wont be able to anymore.

So now with nothing on the horizon and no idea what will happen to my contract. I'm feeling a little lost. I had the next 3 months planned and holidays booked which i will no longer be able to afford to take. I hope i don't sound ungrateful as i know just how lucky i have been to go to these amazing places. It's just i never really wanted it to end.

anyway enough of the rant. I'm so sorry to you readers to bore you with the details. and here are a few photos as promised from Exmoor, Somerset and the Isles of Skye.

we were in Exmoor filming wild ponies on the moors. They have a round up twice a year to check on the fouls. It was such an amazing experience to see. The ponies are such beautiful animals.
And exmoor is truly the most stunning countryside i have ever seen.

After Exmoor i spent 2 weeks in the isles of Skye.

Isles of Skye has to be one of the most beautiful places i have ever visited. The people are friendly and the views incredible We drove there from London, and although it took 13 hours the stunning scenery was well worth the drive.

More photos to come soon. And thank you so much for letting me rant!