Wednesday, 29 July 2009

things that made me smile today

On the way back from dinner earlier, i realised i had a film in to pick up.

And oh my.... i am so glad i picked them up today.

Look at these beauties...........
i love glen's fisheye camera soooo much!

me in the park
me, nina and mel in cologne
me and glen having a picnic in Stoke Newington

me as superwoman!

taken from our trip to South India in january
Beena the Elephant who we rode in Peryier, South India
Glen on an early freezing cold boat trip in India

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

i adore photobooths

i love these...... i want to frame them and keep them on my wall forever

I heart Cologne

I went to Cologne at the weekend, with my friend Mel to see our friend Nina
{who lives there}.
We had the most amazing time catching up,
being silly and exploring the city

mel and me waiting and waiting and waiting at the airport...
nina and mel at the sky bar {amazing view over cologne}
mel and me
mel on nina's balcony {not wanting her picture taken!}

me and one of the many trendy cafes where we ate brunch

inside the most beautiful cathedral

Cologne is such a nice city, it's small and has trams {which i adore} and is full of lovely, lovely people.

my highlights from the weekend:

eyebrow waxing {long story....!}
finding Sky Bar which was located on the roof of a car park completely hidden away
spending a whole day in the most amazing {naked!} german spa

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

how gorgeous

i love Kate Towers dresses, they are so flirty, feminine and light. This is my favourite from her collection
{if only i could afford it...... I'm going to start saving my pennies now!}

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

I pretty much adore you..... A lot

{photo taken by moi in an Indian tut-tut}

You show me constant love and support, this i adore. 
You make me laugh like no one else. 
You put my mind at ease and make me remember the important things in life, rather than the little horrid things that leave me sleepless at night. 

I couldn't ask for a better partner, best friend and clown. Thank you for believing in me, when i forget to!

{p.s sorry i've been a monster recently}

Thursday, 16 July 2009

rain rain please don't go away....

we're having thunder, lightning and lots of rain in London at the minute, which means spending time snuggled up in our pj's with some home baked cookies
and never ending cups of tea {we're so English!}
however it's not so good for glen as hes running around the house trying to prevent the rain from coming in{I'm finding it far too entertaining just watching him}
{p.s don't you just love the idea of camping inside}
photo found here

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

just beautiful

okay, so i realize everyone seems to have a crush on her, including me.
i just found this on youtube i can't get enough of her voice. enjoy

cinema date

i love the Rio cinema in Dalston, North London... it looks like it's out of the 50's. 
we went to see public enemies and loved it. 
I also love munching away on minstrels 
and coffee in the cinema!

blogging love

my beautiful, talented, creative and intelligent {okay so I'm a little jealous} big sister has a lovely blog called

She's recently got married {seriously the most amazing wedding} and has a baby on the way {hooray!}

check her blog out here and make sure you check out her wedding photos whilst your there


{group photo}

{playing games}
{our lovely friends wednesday and jack}

We go camping this time every year for our friends b'day.
It was founded three years ago and we've now named it Treeworld.
We all camp out in a beautiful field in Kent, play games and cook chilli!
It was so nice to get out of London for the weekend, going out for walks, catching up with friends and feeing the fresh air on our faces.
I love camping so much, but Glen's not such a big fan!
here are some photos we took from Treeworld

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

she has the best style

This is Katie from what katie wore today. Her boyfriend Joe started this blog and challenged Katie to wear a different outfit everyday for a year. Check their blog out here.

I want her wardrobe!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

weekend bits and bobs

This weekend we went to the cast and crew screening of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, it was dark, magical and brilliant! I'm a huge fan of the books, and Glen has been lucky enough to work on the films. I just loved seeing his cute beaming face at the end of the film.
After we came out of the cinema we went shopping to get our tennis outfits for a friends party that night. But on our way home i got really ill and was sick as soon as i got in the front door(i guess this may have something to do with the hot dog and popcorn i ate for breakfast!)

I had to miss out on the party, but it's not all bad.. my mum was staying with us, so we decided that we would watch An Affair to Remember whilst being snuggled up on the sofa eating left over banana bread.

Heres some pictures of Glen in his tennis gear, he got best legs award that night!

Friday, 3 July 2009

weekend excitement

so we've had to stay in today to wait for our tickets to the screening of Harry Potter to arrive,
 and yes we finally got them. 
We can't wait to see it even if we do have to be at the cinema by 9 am tomorrow morning.
I love Harry Potter.... 
I know i'm a big kid but i don't care! 
I like being a big kid sometimes, it's much more fun!

This week has been great, no work and all play. 
We're having a heat wave in London at the minute which means 
 swimming, having drinks outside with friends in the garden and sunbathing a lot. 
I love life

Have a great weekend

cooking day

Today Glen and I have been stuck in the house waiting for a little something to arrive (more on that later) so we decided to cook some delicious food from my new Sophie Dahl cookbook and watch Wimbledon ( poor Murray). I love this book, the recipes are easy, homely and healthy.

Anyhoo, heres a recipe taken from her book and a little photo of the outcome made by us, well me( i'm very bossy in the kitchen)!

Serves 6 (umm.. is it bad that we ate half of this in one afternoon?)

75g of soft butter

4 ripe bananas mashed up

200g soft brown sugar

1 egg beaten

1 tbs of vanilla extract

1ts of bicarbonate of soda

1 pinch of salt

170g of flour ( i used wholemeal, rye and pumpkin)

Preheat the oven to 180. Add the mashed bananas into a big mixing bowl. Mix in the butter, sugar, egg, and vanilla extract. Add the bicarbonate soda and salt and mix in the flour last, Pour into the prepared tim. Bake for 1 hour, remove and cool, then serve in slices with butter.

recipe taken from Sophie Dahl's cookbook

photo taken by me