Saturday, 30 May 2009

Happy Weekend!

this gives me butterflies....enjoy!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

many days

i feel like packing up and running away with glen and living in a tent. we could eat s'mores, read each other stories and fall asleep under the stars
glen - what do you think..?

image ffffound

oh sister...

my sister is truly one of my favourite people. we have had our ups and downs {believe me!} but she is my best friend and i have to be honest i have always admired her and well wanted to be her! She's so strong, talented, creative, intelligent, witty and well beautiful. She's pregnant and i know her and her hubby will make the most amazing parents.

Anyway here's a little picture i took of her and her husband when we went to TGI Friday's {try not to judge!} to indulge in a lot of BBQ- ed ribs!

catching up

{ignore the crazy hair!}

I've been so busy recently, I feel like work is really taking over and all i do is sleep, eat and work. I start working live in the studio next week and it's going to be 5 am starts and i imagine really stressful. Anyway I'm thinking about the good things.
Highlights from my Birthday........

Glen waking me up with 4 cupcakes with candles on and singing me Happy Birthday {it seriously was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done}
me and my sister having a picnic at work in the sunshine
Glen taking me out for the most delicious Japanese food I have ever tasted { you have to go here if you live in London}
my housemates baking me a cake and singing happy birthday when i got home

i was really poorly on my birthday but i still managed to have an amazing day

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

birthday -ness

I love this photo. I wish I were jumping around in a beautiful field right now.
it's my birthday tomorrow, yippee! I've been really poorly this week, so i'm hoping i feel better tomorrow as all i want to do now is curl up in my pj's and sleep! 
Work has been crazy busy recently, and i can't help but get stressed. 
My sister has really been there for me and is always saying the nicest things to cheer me up.
 i love her so much.
 I've been receiving lots of birthday messages from family and friends already and it's put such a big smile on my face. 
And Glen's downstairs at the moment, being very sneaky. 
he always makes me feel so special!

image fffound

Sunday, 17 May 2009

heres to wonderful weekends

so i had a lovely time at the weekend, seeing friends and being silly. Heres a quick lowdown on what i got up to..

met with my great friend mel and went to see our friend laura sing in her choir. she's such an amazing singer, and i was nearly welling up as i saw her perform.
a few friends took me out for an early birthday celebration dinner, which was lovely. we drank far too much wine and didn't stop talking the whole night!
glen and i woke up late and had a lazy day doing nothing but eat and watch films


excuse the no make up and bad hair!

so in case you haven't noticed {from all my moaning!} glen has been working a lot recently - on a new film called the kid {based on a true story}. he's really enjoying it and it sounds like it will be amazing when it's finished. i'm so proud of him but i miss him so much when he's working.

anyhooooooo, the other night after i had a horrid day, glen brings me back a cupcake from work. which i like to add was made by Keira Knightley {it was wheat free and yummy!}. i'm a huge fan of hers -okay she was pretty bad in pirates of the Caribbean, but... what an amazing performance she pulled off in Atonement.

Saturday, 16 May 2009


This time last year i had just come back from Malawi and Glen was taking me to Paris for my birthday. I'm in a dark place in my head today. someone said some hurtful things to me last week and i haven't been able to erase it out of my mind.  i just don't understand why people have to be so nasty and comment on other peoples life choices. i'm also feeling run down from work and a little confused if i should keep working in this industry. My friends are talking me out for a early birthday dinner and i'm really hoping it cheers me up. 

i hate feeling like this.

Dear Glen


Monday, 11 May 2009

nicest thing...? i think so

found on le love


I have had the most wonderful weekend. I've never felt so content, comfortable and well blissfully happy. I am so lucky to have so many amazing people in my life. 

Anyway highlights from my weekend -  

  1. seeing my gorgeous mum and sister. we moved lots of boxes {my sisters moving} and ate cupcakes whist gossiping.
  2. late night cinema date with Glen. we went to see Star Trek, I loved it by the way.
  3. sleeping in on Sunday and waking up with glen still in the bed {for the first time in a month!}
  4. going to London fields lido { two weekends in a row!} and day dreaming about the future whilst glens arms were round me. 
  5. eating fish and chips in the park on a lazy sunday evening

I love my life. I have up and down days - more so recently than ever before. 
but i am so grateful for all the opportunities i have been given. 

Saturday, 9 May 2009

a good book?

so this morning i have a bit of time to myself. i've been to the farmers market in Stoke Newington {highly recommend it} and bought some lovely food {and cupcakes!}. 
and now i have some time to read and tidy before i have to go out and help my sister move house. 
I do love mornings like this, to be alone for a while. 
i've needed this day. 

Friday, 8 May 2009

the weekend is finally here

i have been looking forward to this day all week. my mum's coming tomorrow and i can't wait to see her. i also get to spend a full day with glen, and some friends on sunday. 
i hope you all have a 
beautiful and fun filled 

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Some days...

can be bad for no particular reason what-so-ever.
 today was one of these days! 
Work became too much, and i didn't handle this very well. 
Tomorrow is always a new day

Monday, 4 May 2009


I had the loveliest weekend. 

my friend nat and i danced to pop songs like two little girl's, without a care in the world. went to the lido in london fields and basked in the beautiful sunshine. stubbled upon borough market (amazing food!).  and was taken out for dinner by the best and funniest person i know(glen).  I’m just so annoyed i forgot my camera!

it’s now bank holiday monday and i’ve also had a great day meeting friends for a swim and going for a yummy thai lunch. This is what life's all about - enjoying it! 

i’ve been really stressed recently. i haven’t worked since i got back from India, which has been a while and i’ve been struggling with not being creative, productive and well just using my brain. this is one of the reasons i started this blog. i wanted to write my feelings here like i would a diary, and honestly it has kept me sane. i look forward to taking photo’s and having fun day’s out, so that i can share it here. 

  although i’ve had day’s where i’ve felt lonely, sad and had a few too panic attacks about the future. I’m glad that i’ve had this time to get to know myself more. i lost myself in work at the end of last year. i was unhappy, stressed and not fulfilled in my job.

  i’ve never been one to think that life is all about work, i’ve always wanted to travel and this is why at 18  i flew around the world on my own. i’ve realised that i’m so lucky to have the opportunities that i’ve been given. 

  Anyway this brings me to tell you that I’ve just got a job and although i’m slightly nervous, i’m also excited and anxious. I don’t know if my chosen careers right for me anymore, but i’m going to be patient and see what happens. i still don’t know what i want to be when i’m older but right now i’m okay with that. 

I also just want to say thanks to glen, my family and friends for supporting me these few months and sorry i’ve been a little emotional at times. 

I love you. 

Friday, 1 May 2009

happy friday!

Have a great weekend! 

happy bits and bobs

Sometimes life can be hard and I can feel down for no reason. I have to remember to put my life in to perspective.
today this made me think of Malawi and what amazing, bright, and happy children i taught there

{look at his face, how could you not fall in love with him!}

Things that made me happy today:
  • talking to my great friend Linzi on the phone for an hour and a half
  • sitting in the park with the beautiful sun shining down
  • wearing flip flops
  • doing yoga for an hour
  • meeting natalia tonight to sit on her roof top and share a bottle of vino
  • looking through old photos