Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Brick lane and Columbia Rd market

This weekend we did nothing but relax. We stayed in most nights, and watched films with friends underneath a blanket. It was pure bliss.On sunday we woke up early and decided to explore brick lane and columbia road market. We ate bagels from Beigal Bake, which i had been craving since i saw it here. Seriously the Salt Beef with mustard and pickles , yum  -  my mouth is watering as i type!

Columbia Road was so romantic, the pebble stones, the flowers, the small boutique shops, the musician playing "hey good looking, what you got cooking". It's day's like this that makes me fall head over heels in love with London, and i realise how lucky I am to live here.
It was Glen's first time to Columbia Rd market. Sometimes we are really lazy and don't explore what's on our doorstep. Our new years resolution is to see more of london, and post our adventures here.
On sunday evening I created a mix here. I put some of my friends songs on the list. So be sure to check them out "The Bonfire Band" and let me know what you think.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Snow Day

as soon as the snow starts to fall in London everything grinds to a halt. To peoples annoyance (not me!) the buses stop the tube's get cancelled and people can't go to work.

I have always loved the snow, and as soon as it drops i turn in to a little kid. I want to grab my wellies, run outside and build snowmen. Last week Glen and I took a stroll through the park and joined in on some snow ball fights with strangers. perfect!!

a lot of things to smile about

January can seem like a month to moan about. Back to work, cold weather, no money.....sound familiar? But so far for me I've managed to keep smiling and I think that's down to my thoughtful, loving family and friends.
Last week one of my great friends Nat (who has graced this blog many times) surprised me by taking me out to the theatre. I really had no idea, and the best thing was that she also invited my mum and sister (i almost cried as i saw them walking towards us!) It was the most thoughtful and perfect present any one could get me. We all went to see Breakfast at Tiffany's (my favourite film). It really came to life on the stage and I'm dying to read the book by Truman Capote now. If you live in London, and have a chance to see it, make sure you do. The acting gave me goosebumps!
And if that wasn't enough to make me smile till February, my good friend Linzi (who I've known since i was 10) came to visit me here in the big smoke. She hasn't been here since i first moved to London 4 years ago. We had such a lovely time, seeing my sister and my gorgeous nephew, running around London in the snow, and catching up whilst sipping red wine.

Anyhoo, it is now back to reality and applying for jobs. But for now i have a whole Lotta love!

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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

our french getaway

Happy 2010 everyone! Where were you when the clock struck 12? We were in France, staying in the most quaint little house right by the sea. It was so peaceful, relaxing and great to spend time with our friends. We took it easy and did nothing more than reading, playing games and going for long bike rides. None of us wanted to go back to London, and if we could we would have moved in to that house and stayed there happily eating cheese and drinking red wine.
2010 is already shaping up to be a good one, no January blues for me so far.

a quick look back on 2009 -
I started this blog. Glen and I went to South India for a month ( this time last year - I wish we were still there) I went to Cologne to visit some friends. We celebrated our birthdays. I went to Uganda and made a documentary for the charity LCD. 2009 was tough at times too, but I realise how lucky I am to have great friends and the most wonderful family around me.