Friday, 27 December 2013


It's funny when I look back at my childhood, we didn't have a lot of money but that didn't matter. My mum always made sure we had enough and that we always knew we were rich with love. I have fond memories of picnics, library outings, dance lessons and those weekly trips to the swimming pool. 
One of my favourite memories is going swimming. My sister and I used to push each other off the highest diving board, and swim till our arms ached. We would then scoff marmite sandwiches whilst sat in our towels with water dripping off our hair. I'm still a keen swimmer and as soon as i get out of the pool all i crave is one of those marmite sarnies. 
My sister was something else growing up. Always the sensible, witty, smart and gorgeous one. I was always a little jealous of her. ya know the way little sisters are. I was the rebellious one. The one that stayed up late with friends and had a bit of a sharpe tongue. My older, wiser sister was always looking out for me. She would stay up to make sure I got home alive, told me off when I needed to be told and always loved me even when i was unbearable to be around! She was my rock and still is to this day. When my life gets hard, she's the first person i confide in. 
We spend Christmas together every year as a family of 6 now. I'm so lucky to have been brought up by two strong, feminist women. They have taught me all i know about life and what really matters.