Friday, 3 July 2009

weekend excitement

so we've had to stay in today to wait for our tickets to the screening of Harry Potter to arrive,
 and yes we finally got them. 
We can't wait to see it even if we do have to be at the cinema by 9 am tomorrow morning.
I love Harry Potter.... 
I know i'm a big kid but i don't care! 
I like being a big kid sometimes, it's much more fun!

This week has been great, no work and all play. 
We're having a heat wave in London at the minute which means 
 swimming, having drinks outside with friends in the garden and sunbathing a lot. 
I love life

Have a great weekend


Rose Red said...

You are so lucky you were able to go to a cast screening. It comes out in the states this week, and I am so excited.

great blog


Julia said...

I'm going to Harry potter tonight at 12:01 am. I am pretty excited :)

Emma said...

What a cool time to go and see it, let me know what you think. Have fun!

Thanks Rose Red for your comment, I just checked out your blog and it's adorable!