Monday, 16 November 2009

I heart my city

My relationship with London has been a love hate one for a while now.
There are days when i want to move to the country where you can breathe in fresh air, not second hand smoke! also where you can sit on a bus or train and just spark up lovely conversations with strangers, rather than being stared at on an over crowded tube.

But then there are days where the city's bright lights really take me in and make me

Last night was one of those nights.

I've spent most the weekend surrounded by tissues in the comfort of my bed.

I've had a horrid cold and yesterday i felt the need to escape the room and leave all the snotty tissues behind. Glen and I jumped in the car and went for a little drive around town,
laughing and listening to
Christmas songs
whilst drinking our
hot chocolates!

ahhhhh bliss.

1 comment:

missysue hanson said...

your blog is just lovely ;o)

i enjoyed Christmas songs today as well. i agree......bliss!!!

love + luck + bliss,