Saturday, 1 May 2010

happy bank holiday weekend!

I have a long weekend off work filled with family, friends and reading newspapers in bed
Mr G gets back tomorrow 
and my face is beaming just thinking about meeting him from the airport. 
Honestly 4 weeks is far too long to be apart!

I'm sorry i haven't post in a long time, i have been so distracted with my new job and i am eagerly awaiting to get my camera back from G so i can take lots more photos and share them here. 
But i also can't wait to show you G's photos from Norway,
 I've seen a few and they're truly stunning.  

On another note my wonderful, talented, beautiful and inspiring big sister has just opened a shop selling her stunning photographs.
 I can't tell you enough how talented she is. 
Please check out her shop and follow her on facebook


       {French Wheel}

{St Paul's Cathedral}

   {pretty cupcakes}

Here are just a few of the prints/postcards that you can purchase. 
Also check out her blog for a your chance to win a set, 

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