Monday, 14 September 2009

what my weekend looked like

Charlotte and me, what posers!

We made these t-shirts in honor of dave and his hairy chest!

On friday my house mates Cat and Dave had their leaving party, and what a party!

Lots of dancing, laughing and a few sad faces was given saying bye!

On Saturday, after waking up with a very sore head, Glen and I headed out for breakfast at our favourite little place in Stoke Newington

{you must visit this place, if you live in London and order the Mediterranean breakfast, it's so good i have dreams about it!}

we then took our big full bellies off to the Cinema.

We saw 500 days of summer and i'm still gushing

over it as i listen to the soundtrack on repeat!

Sunday we were up early to meet Glen's work friends and go to the screening of Creation.

I can honestly say it is such a beautiful film,

and don't even get me started on the acting,


Now it’s Monday and it’s been a pretty stressful day,

and I seem to be getting a bit too anxious about Uganda now!

All my friends, family, house mates, Glen are busy and i suddenly feel all alone.

A feeling i haven’t felt in along time.

I’m just going to have to distract myself with packing and reading

all the books that have built up on my bedside table!

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