Tuesday, 15 September 2009

feeling blue

I'm procrastinating a lot.

I have a half packed bag sat in the corner of my room,

I have cried 3 times today

and I desperately need to get some sleep.

So today my house mate

{who has become so much more these past few months}

told me she's moving out,

I then sat there with her and my other house mate

(who's moving too!)


These girls are like sisters to me, i see them everyday,

I moan to then, get annoyed with them, and borrow their clothes, but I also laugh with them, share secrets with them and in this time, they have become my best friends.

Cat is leaving for Glasgow and Marie is moving back to Paris.

I hate change at the best of times, but this really hit me hard

and I don't know how much more of living in a house share i can take.

Meeting new people, starting over again.

I really want Glen and I to move out and move in to this

love nest that I've been dreaming about for the past 3 years,

but I'm not financially ready and the truth is, i'm not sure when i will be.

I'm off to Uganda on Thursday, and when i get home i will be faced with two new house mates, one of my house mates moving out and have to get a job.

My face is coming out in a rash just thinking about it.

I wish Glen wasn't working nights all this week and creeping in at 7 am every morning, i need him to talk to in bed and cuddle up to.

I'm not sure how i'm going to manage 3 weeks with out him.

Thank you for letting me rant, I really needed it tonight. I promise the next time I type

i'll be a bit happier!

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