Wednesday, 6 January 2010

our french getaway

Happy 2010 everyone! Where were you when the clock struck 12? We were in France, staying in the most quaint little house right by the sea. It was so peaceful, relaxing and great to spend time with our friends. We took it easy and did nothing more than reading, playing games and going for long bike rides. None of us wanted to go back to London, and if we could we would have moved in to that house and stayed there happily eating cheese and drinking red wine.
2010 is already shaping up to be a good one, no January blues for me so far.

a quick look back on 2009 -
I started this blog. Glen and I went to South India for a month ( this time last year - I wish we were still there) I went to Cologne to visit some friends. We celebrated our birthdays. I went to Uganda and made a documentary for the charity LCD. 2009 was tough at times too, but I realise how lucky I am to have great friends and the most wonderful family around me.


Elisabelle said...

A dear friend of mine has a very similar house in Normandy and I love to escape from the rush there.
Very nice pics.
Happy New Year!

Emma said...

We rented this house in Normandy -we were staying in a town called Portbail, i wonder if it's the same...that would be strange!

happy new year to you too, Elisabelle x

NW. said...

when you mentioned you were off to france to stay at a house on beach i pictured something INSANELY cool like this..
looks beautiful, really.
you're lucky to be able to visit a place like that!..

(the shots on the beach with back-light are really nice)