Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Dare I say say these two words....... Credit Crunch!!!!!

I really didn't think that the credit crunch would affect me or my urban outfitters spree's, but after being passed around to 5 different people at the bank, I finally had to hang up defeated! I've recently been a victim of fraud, yes that's right someone from Russia stole everything I had left in my account. What's more annoying is that it's going to take them 18 days to investigate and get my money back!
The boy has been amazing and is successfully talking my mind of it, taking me to a Chinese buffet and also to the cinema (2 for 1 orange Wednesday, oh life on a budget!)
However there don't seem to be any jobs in television at the minute, so having time off without any money (for my shopping spree's) to keep my mind occupied is making me depressed!
  So what's a girl to do with no money on pancake day.......go to a pancake party! My lovely friend Laura is holding a pancake party tonight and all I have to do is bring is my favorite topping! So here I go with my nutella in tow!  

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