Monday, 16 February 2009

This morning G and I woke up in a very naughty and spontaneous mood, this could only mean jumping in the car and racing to Mac Donald's for breakfast( I promise I'll start the diet tomorrow!) Now that I'm back home I feel guilty and am gearing up to challenge G to a game of Badminton! 
I've got so much time on my hands recently as I  finished my contract at work and just got back from an amazing trip to India. It was my first time travelling with G, and I can't express enough what an amazing experience we both had. But now that we're back we're both looking for the next contract to come up. G works in Films and I work in T.V, which is fun most of the time, but I'm seriously doubting my chosen career at the minute. 
I've been working in T.V for nearly 3 years now, and I'm worrying that the love that I once had for it is slowly disappearing! My last job before I went to India, was working on a famous entertainment show, which was exciting but also the least rewarding job I have ever had. (Before this I have worked for a Charity and various children shows) I did get to tour the country filming and learning more and more about the Industry but it was long hours and it put a strain on not only mine and G's relationship but friendships and my family. 
  Now I'm finding it hard to find the motivation to look for work, as all I really want to do is watch old films, play with friends and catch up with my beautiful family. 

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