Friday, 1 May 2009

happy bits and bobs

Sometimes life can be hard and I can feel down for no reason. I have to remember to put my life in to perspective.
today this made me think of Malawi and what amazing, bright, and happy children i taught there

{look at his face, how could you not fall in love with him!}

Things that made me happy today:
  • talking to my great friend Linzi on the phone for an hour and a half
  • sitting in the park with the beautiful sun shining down
  • wearing flip flops
  • doing yoga for an hour
  • meeting natalia tonight to sit on her roof top and share a bottle of vino
  • looking through old photos


Taylor said...

I really love this blog! And especially this post! I definitely can relate to this and am always making lists about what makes me happy. :)

Emma said...

Thanks, Taylor! Your comment came at the perfect time, it truly made my day. I love your blog too, it's so adorable.