Thursday, 28 May 2009

catching up

{ignore the crazy hair!}

I've been so busy recently, I feel like work is really taking over and all i do is sleep, eat and work. I start working live in the studio next week and it's going to be 5 am starts and i imagine really stressful. Anyway I'm thinking about the good things.
Highlights from my Birthday........

Glen waking me up with 4 cupcakes with candles on and singing me Happy Birthday {it seriously was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done}
me and my sister having a picnic at work in the sunshine
Glen taking me out for the most delicious Japanese food I have ever tasted { you have to go here if you live in London}
my housemates baking me a cake and singing happy birthday when i got home

i was really poorly on my birthday but i still managed to have an amazing day

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