Monday, 12 October 2009

I'm back!

I got back from Uganda last Wednesday, and now I'm slowly adjusting coming back to reality. I had the most incredible time. It was a busy 3 weeks of work which consisted of visiting 3 to 4 schools and filming about 8 interviews a day!

Uganda has experienced a lot of violence and it's still very much apparent in places and on the locals faces. However I never felt unsafe and we were so lucky to be surrounded with great people who looked after us so well. I will never forget all the harrowing stories we heard whilst there, and it's hard not to come home a changed person. I really appreciate my life, and realise just how lucky i am to have a beautiful family and friends.

I will write more about my trip soon. I think I still need to do a bit more settling in first!

I'll post more photos soon too, I promise

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NW. said...

i love coming across blogs like yours, when I can find people living somewhere else (cool like LONDON), with similar styles in music and photography.. i soak it up, just think it's awesome