Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Rain, Ice and Mulled Wine means only one thing...It's Christmas!

We went Ice Skating at Somerset House last night.
We were freezing cold and it didn't stop raining the whole time we were there, but we didn't care one bit, we had so much fun.
To our surprise we didn't fall over, and I was even able to skate for a whole 5 minutes without holding on to the side!
London felt so magical to us last night, the fairy lights, the Christmas tree, little ones and chats with strangers.
We warmed up in Covent Garden and then walked to our favourite (follow the link to see) french bar for a cheese board and red wine. It's not to be missed on a trip to London.
A truly perfect day.

Here is a little Christmas playlist, to get you in the festive mood. I can't stop smiling as i listen to these beautiful songs.

1 comment:

NW. said...

do you realize how awesome your city is? ...
just looking at those photos it looks amazing, beautiful buildings and culture.
it's great that you guys live there.

thanks for the holiday playlist