Thursday, 17 February 2011


Here are just some of the photo's we took in Paris at the weekend.

We stayed near Montmartre (our favourite) walked around taking in the view and found hidden streets away from tourists. In the day we would stop off for coffee and then as the sun went down it was time to stop for 'vin rouge' and 'fromage'.
Because this was our second visit to Paris, we wanted  to soak up the city and didn't feel the need to visit the same tourist attractions as before. Instead we ate good food, tried to speak our best french, and drank lots of vin.
 It was indulging, fun and romantic. and i loved every minute. I'm already planning to go back. but maybe i should touch up on my basic french first.

1. our view from our window. every morning we would open the window and say 'bonjour' to the city.
2. a cafe close to the hotel. I loved the tablecloth
3. deux caf├ęs. we drank so much coffee. it was superb!
4. sacre coeur
5 . the view from our walk along the Seine

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