Friday, 25 February 2011

I know that this blog has been all about Paris since I’ve been home. But I've been so busy this week and last that i haven't had a chance to have some alone time with my camera.

These photos are my favourite from our short getaway.
1. Me in a cafe that we ended up going in to whilst lost!
2. The thickest and tastiest hot chocolate i have ever had. I am craving one right now.
3. Glen in the same cafe as mentioned before
4. Mr Cigarette
5. The view from the most amazing park that the lovely Elisabelle recommended.

This week has been so long i've become really deflated and whilst feeling sorry for my self last night I came upon a picture in a gallery with the quote 'every cloud has a silver lining' it instantly lifted my spirits. I hope you have a great weekend what ever you get up to.

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nesha said...

that hot chocolate looks TASTY!!